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Greenfield, Then & Now

Downtown Greenfield has a rich history that dates back to the 1820s. In an effort to preserve the architectural legacy of Downtown Greenfield, our then and now page features images of the town from both the past and present that show the growth and preservation of downtown buildings and architecture:

Today, Greenfield Main Street is part of the national Main Street initiative, using their “Four-Point Approach”:

1. Design

  • GMSI enhances the appearance of downtown by rehabilitating historic buildings, creating attractive public spaces, and planning for future development. GMSI façade grants are available to businesses and homes.

2. Promotion

  • GMSI promotes downtown as the center of commerce, culture, and community life for residents and visitors through events promoting tourism.

3. Organization

  • Greenfield’s 2013 Downtown Revitalization Plan & 2015 Comprehensive Plan updates are best facilitated by committed staff who can coordinate the public, private, and non-profit sectors for long-term success.

4. Economic Vitality

  • GMSI strengthens the economic base and expands new business opportunities through creating a downtown that is economically viable and architecturally beautiful.
East Main Street Shops
Court House
Historical Homes
Main Street Today

For more information about historic Downtown Greenfield or to join Greenfield Main Street in our efforts, please call us at 317-649-0890.