A Focused Touch

A Focused Touch Day Spa, owned by Amy Hughes, opened in September 2021. Amy has a desire to offer the community a quiet getaway to practice self care and find a non-pharmaceutical approach to pain relief, anxiety and depression.

Practicing massage therapy in Greenfield since November 2017, Amy has formed relationships with her clients using trust, kindness and compassion. She felt that she received that back from her clients through the support and encouragement she received from them when she had her open house in October.

Amy provides services to clients that she feels will be beneficial to the specific individual. She hopes that her services produce results for her clients. This is where the trust component of her relationship with her clients is most important. She is hopeful that her clients continue to trust her to apply her knowledge and skills to the best of her ability.

When asked what advice she might give to other women who are thinking of starting their own business, she said “Allow your fear to push you, not hold you back.”

When asked about  hardships she has faced as a woman in business Amy said, “Unfortunately this industry can be petty at times. Even though we’re all in the business of self care and helping clients feel and look their best, the monster of jealousy and competition is still out there. I was taught in massage school to never be greedy for clients. I do what I do and provide services that I feel are beneficial and if you can find relief and results here, then that’s great! If you find that relief and those results at another local business, then I think that’s great too.”

Amy currently resides in Greenwood with her husband, but they are hoping to move to Greenfield in the near future. They have five children between them, with just one left at home. She enjoys spending time with her 20 month old granddaughter. She enjoys breakfast dates with her husband and crochet projects.

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