This element of the Main Street Approach® focuses on building collaboration among a broad range of public and private sector groups, organizations, and constituencies, enhancing your district’s civic value. The Executive Team plays a key role in keeping the board, teams, and staff functioning by attracting people and money to the Main Street program. To succeed, this team must take responsibility for managing these financial and logistical aspects of the nonprofit organization:

  • Raising money—for projects and administration, from donations and sponsorships;
  • Overseeing volunteer activities—by recruiting and supervising people and rewarding good work;
  • Promoting the program—to downtown interests and the public;
  • Managing finances—by developing good accounting procedures

Greenfield Main Street Executive Committee Objectives

Overall Objective: To establish a strong Main Street program that involves a growing number of participants in the cooperative implementation and funding of the Main Street program

Objective #1 – To develop a fundraising program utilizing a wide range of sources from the private and public sectors and assures long‐term growth and continuation of the program

Objective #2 – To establish an ongoing outreach program to increase Main Street program visibility in the community and region

Objective #3 – To develop an ongoing program to increase volunteer participation and leadership succession

Are you interested in the work the Executive Committee is doing? We’d love for you to join us, sign up to be a volunteer or serve on the committee here.

For more information about the city of Greenfield, Ind. or to join Greenfield Main Street in our efforts, please call us at 317-649-0890.