This element of the Main Street Approach® involves improving the physical environment by renovating buildings, constructing compatible new buildings, improving signs and merchandise displays, creating attractive and usable public spaces, and ensuring that planning and zoning regulations support Main Street revitalization, all in service of enhancing place value. The Design Team plays a key role in shaping the physical image of Main Street as a place attractive to shoppers, investors, business owners, and visitors. To succeed, this team must persuade business owners, building owners, and civic leaders to adopt a specific approach for physical improvements to buildings, businesses and public improvements. Specifically:

  • Educating others about good design—enhancing the image of each business as well as that of the district.
  • Providing good design advice—encouraging quality improvements to private properties and public spaces.
  • Planning Main Street’s development—guiding future growth and shaping regulations.
  • Motivating others to make changes—creating incentives and targeting key projects

Greenfield Main Street Design Committee Objectives

Overall Objective: To encourage, improve and maintain the visual appearance of downtown while protecting its historic integrity.

Objective #1 – To encourage building and site improvements
Objective #2 – To educate and encourage the protection of historic resources / properties
Objective #3 – To encourage visual merchandising
Objective #4 – To work cooperatively with the city improving public spaces

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