Downtown Improvement Grant Program

Program Overview

Greenfield Main Street Downtown Improvement Grant Program is designed to stimulate investment, promote architectural appreciation, and initiate aesthetic improvement to historic buildings in Greenfield. The program is administered by Greenfield Main Street, Inc. and their Design Committee. All completed applications will be reviewed by the Design Committee who will make the recommendation to the Greenfield Main Street Board of Directors for final approval.

Program objectives

The primary objectives of the Downtown Improvement Grant Program are to:

1. Encourage investment that enhances the visual aesthetics of downtown properties and lead to increased property values.

2. Stimulate economic development by providing incentives to increase existing business investment, ensure business sustainability, and create aesthetically pleasing areas that attract new businesses and consumers.

3. Complement other historic and economic revitalization efforts to ensure the maximum leverage of resources.

Matching Requirement

This program is a reimbursement program for work that will be completed within six months or and otherwise reasonable timeframe after the grant award. Funding awards under this program will reimburse approved expenses. Work will be reviewed and approved using the program guidelines, Greenfield Historic District Design Guidelines, and the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. Upon completion of the improvement, the grant recipient will provide proof of payment. Grant recipients are required to provide a minimum 50% match and this program will reimburse up to 50% of approved exterior building improvements up to $3,000 per selected property.

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Submit completed application packages to:

Greenfield Main Street, Inc. Design Committee
PO Box 881
Greenfield, IN 46140

Contact Heather at 317-649-0890 or