This element of the Main Street Approach® concentrates on strengthening the district’s existing economic base while finding ways to expand its economy and introduce compatible new uses, enhancing the economic value of the district. The Economic Vitality Team has the job of identifying new market opportunities for the traditional commercial district, finding new uses for historic commercial buildings, and stimulating investment in property. To succeed, this team must develop a thorough understanding of the community’s economic condition and opportunities for incremental market growth. Specifically:

    • Building entrepreneurial economies.
    • Strengthening business—includes strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones.
    • Infrastructure reuse—finding new economic uses for traditional Main Street buildings.
    • Development—financial incentives and capital for business development and retail operations layout.
    • Ascertaining progress—monitoring the economic performance of the district.

Greenfield Main Street Economic Vitality Committee Objectives

Overall Objective: To strengthen and broaden the economic base of downtown.

Objective #1 – To collect and interpret market data and collect additional data when needed
Objective #2 – To implement business retention programming
Objective #3 – To implement business recruitment and entrepreneurship development
Objective #4 – To increase downtown housing units

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