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While on a family vacation, Jeri Reichanadter discovered some handcrafted soap that she loved. When she returned, she could not locally find something that matched the qualities she loved in the soap she had purchased – bubbly and foamy. A friend encouraged her to try to make her own, so she did, and the Indiana Soap Company was born in 2018.

Sustainability is important to Jeri and her mission to provide high quality soap to her customers. She uses 100% post-recycled boxes, and sources raw materials locally first, regionally second, and then nationally, if needed.

A key success for Indiana Soap Company was when a customer reported that after beginning to use their soap, her husband no longer had to wake up in the middle of the night to apply lotion to his face due to his extreme dry skin. Jeri is thankful she was able to help a customer with a skin problem.

She recommends to others looking to start a business to do their market research to ensure the business is viable, but then once that is established to go for it. Do not wait for the “right time” because it may never come if you wait.

When starting her business, she found support from other soapmakers. When she thanked them for their help, she said they replied “Jeri, I can’t make all the soap.” She said she has carried that with her. She recognizes that she can’t make all the soap either, and she loves to see other people succeed.

You can find Indiana Soap Company products locally at Leo’s, Needler’s (New Pal), and Riley’s Boyhood Home. You can also order from the website at or through Market Wagon’s Thursday delivery.

Jeri and her husband, Perry, live in Greenfield with their dogs Rascal and Riley. They enjoy traveling, snorkeling and creating.

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