downtown cuts

Downtown Cuts is quickly approaching its 6th year in business. Dana Cottey opened her barber shop in May 2016 because she loves to help people.

Dana feels there are many misconceptions about owning your own business, but patience will help the growing pains and concerns that come up along the way.

She enjoys helping people feel good about themselves and sharing in their lives. She said that listening to her clients is important. She finds that when she listens, she can help them learn something new or provide the result they were looking for when they entered the shop.

Dana and her husband are now empty nesters. She enjoys being outdoors, hiking, bike riding, or being near the water. She has a current interest in learning to watercolor paint.

Connect with Downtown Cuts

Downtown Cuts is located at 118 S. Pennsylvania Street. You can also call (317) 498-5898 for more information or to schedule an appointment.