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Borgmann Realty, LLC, was founded by Amy Borgmann’s father in 1976, and Amy took over the business in 2006. Although she has been in the business for a while now, she finds that every closing brings the opportunity to learn something new. She says no two transactions are alike, and the real estate business continues to evolve. She is eager for each closing and the opportunity it brings for her to continue to learn and grow, helping her become more valuable for her clients.

Amy recommends that those who are interested in starting a business do a few things to help them achieve success. She believes that finding a mentor and learning the business from the ground up is vital to being successful. Diving in and doing the work will help you understand every aspect of the business. She also recommends treating co-workers, employees and competitors with respect.

One challenge Amy has faced is client retention. She works hard to be sure her clients feel heard and meet their needs. Some of her clients may not need a realtor again for a long time, but she knows that treating them well can help bring them back to her when they do have a need.

Amy is a proud mother to Jacob Borgmann. She is also the co-founder of the local non-profit FUSE, Inc. (Families United for Support and Encouragement) that supports families raising children with disabilities or mental health needs. She and Jacob are the fourth and fifth generation that lives on the family farm that was settled by her great grandfather from Germany in 1896.

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