The Gilded Nest

The Gilded Nest was formed in June 2020 by Mary Schuck and Jamie Cook. Together, they had dreamed of owning a retail shop. They wanted to sell books, but merchandising a full bookstore did not seem the right approach. Brainstorming ideas, they decided to share space with other handicraft vendors. This helps make it possible to support the sale of books, but also tangibly supporting local artisans and crafters.
The success of this very young shop is directly related to the success of our merchants, so when a merchant has a particularly profitable season, it is a success for both of them. They have learned that the areas that are regularly tended to and cared for in the store, thrive the most. While they say it is a basic lesson, it is one they have seen proven often.

When encouraging others regarding opening a business of their own, their best advice is to dream it, talk about it, and make a plan. Dreaming it means make a plan. Doing it means doing all of it, even the things you are afraid of doing. Talking about it means talking to other business owners, experts in the field, and former co-workers. You’ll learn things you didn’t know and be encouraged by those that have faced some of the same obstacles, which will help you fine tune the things you do know.

Connect with The Gilded Nest

16A N. State Street, Greenfield
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