Greenfield Main Street’s Strategic Plan: A Vision for a Vibrant Downtown 

Greenfield Main Street (GMSI) is the organization that fosters a unique and vibrant downtown where businesses and individuals alike will want to develop and invest in downtown. Now, with the completion of its 2024-2028 Strategic Plan, this spirit is poised to reach new heights. The plan, shaped by the hard work of the GMSI board, executive director, and key partners, reflects a deep commitment to Greenfield’s future. Special recognition goes to the Community Foundation of Hancock County for their invaluable support during the planning process. 


Greenfield Main Street plays an important role in creating a thriving downtown. When we have a thriving downtown our community will be the place of investments that will have a direct impact on businesses throughout the city.  Which results in an improved downtown that will make the city more attractive to talent, which increases the number of citizens, expands the tax base, and provides an even more diverse talent pool in the future. Employers can anticipate greater employe retention, lower commute times, reduced healthcare costs, and easier recruitment.  

Community Engagement and Vision 

Our plan was influenced by the voices of over 400 community members who shared their vision for Greenfield’s downtown. Their aspirations are clear: a diverse range of dining options, more public art and murals, and a variety of events throughout the year. This input has been instrumental in shaping a strategy that truly reflects the community’s desires, ensuring downtown Greenfield becomes a vibrant place to live, work, and play. 

Strategic Goals and Key Activities 

The Strategic Plan outlines ambitious goals across four key areas: economic vitality, design, promotion, and organization. Each goal is backed by tangible activities such as increasing foot traffic in the Main Street zone, promoting façade grants for beautification, and organizing art-themed events. These initiatives are geared towards making downtown Greenfield a thriving hub of activity and engagement. 

Economic Vitality and Support for Local Businesses 

Central to the plan is the goal of bolstering economic vitality. With a goal increasing spending with downtown merchants and offering pop-up business opportunities, GMSI aims to foster a supportive environment for both new and existing businesses. Collaborative merchant meetings and connecting business owners to resources are key strategies to provide the necessary support. 

Enhancing Downtown Design and Arts 

The plan also places a strong emphasis on the aesthetics of downtown Greenfield. The development of an Arts District and the promotion of public art projects are testament to GMSI’s commitment to not just economic, but also cultural growth. These efforts will enhance the unique character of Greenfield, making it a more attractive destination for residents and visitors alike. 

Promotion and Event Planning 

Event planning and promotion are crucial for bringing the community together and attracting tourists. The plan includes strategies for organizing events that align with an arts-focused transformational strategy. By leveraging a comprehensive marketing plan and partnerships, Greenfield Main Street will promote a positive image of Greenfield. 

Strengthening Organizational Effectiveness 

To ensure the successful implementation of these plans, GMSI is focused on strengthening its organizational structure. This includes formalizing partnerships with the City of Greenfield and exploring expansion opportunities. The organization is committed to building collaboration among a wide range of sectors to enhance Greenfield’s civic value. 


The Greenfield Main Street’s Strategic Plan is more than a roadmap; it’s a vision for a community that thrives on engagement, beauty, and economic prosperity. As we look to the future, GMSI stands committed to turning this vision into reality, ensuring downtown Greenfield is the place to be.