Explore the Best of Greenfield with Your Family 

School’s out, and it’s the perfect time to bond with your kids while exploring all that Greenfield has to offer. From historical sites and nature trails to tasty treats and outdoor activities, there’s no shortage of family-friendly adventures waiting for you. Here’s your ultimate guide to making the most of these sun-filled days! 

1. Step Back in Time at the Riley Whitcomb Museum 

Dive into our local history at the Riley Whitcomb Museum. This gem offers a fascinating glimpse into the life and times of our town’s founders. It’s a fantastic way for your kids to see, touch, and learn about history outside the classroom. Check out their special summer exhibits and interactive tours designed just for families! 

2. Get Active on the Pennsey Trail 

The Pennsey Trail is more than just a walking path—it’s a corridor of fun and adventure! Whether you choose to bike, skate, or simply stroll, this scenic trail offers lush landscapes and plenty of fresh air. Organize a family bike ride or a leisurely walk, and don’t forget to look out for local wildlife along the way. 

3. Play and Picnic at the Park 

What better way to enjoy a sunny day than a family outing to the park? Pack a picnic, bring your favorite frisbee or ball, and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation and play. Our parks offer spacious areas perfect for everything from hide-and-seek to a lazy day under the shade of a tree. 

4. Cool Down at Libby’s Ice Cream 

After some outdoor fun, treat your kids—and yourself—to delicious, homemade ice cream at Libby’s. With a variety of flavors, from the classic vanilla to adventurous new concoctions, there’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth. Enjoy your cones while taking a leisurely walk around town, or sit back in Libby’s cozy parlor. 

5. Discover the Joy of Cycling 

Visit our local Bike Store and gear up for a summer on two wheels. Whether you’re buying your child their first bike or upgrading to a new model, cycling is a wonderful activity for health and fun. Plus, don’t miss out on our Bikes in Bloom initiative! Tour the town’s floral displays on bike, snap some pictures, and share your adventures. Remember to tag us with #GreenfieldBikesInBloom! 

6. Take the Kids Out for Lunch 

Cap off your adventures with a family lunch at one of Greenfield’s delightful eateries. Whether it’s a sunny patio spot or a friendly indoor setting, taking time to dine out allows for enjoyable conversations with your little ones. 

Make This Summer Unforgettable 

This summer, take every opportunity to explore, learn, and grow with your kids. Greenfield has plenty to offer, ensuring that your days are filled with joy and memorable experiences. Get out there, take photos, share your stories, and above all, have fun as a family! 

Remember, every outing is a chance to make new memories. So, grab those walking shoes, pack your bags, and let’s make this a summer to remember in Greenfield!