graze greenfield

Right now it’s more important than ever for our community to support and celebrate our local restaurants.That’s why Greenfield Main Street (GMSI) is thrilled to present the first ever Graze Greenfield!! What is that you ask? Our very own Greenfield version of Devour Indy. (Devour Indy is a program of the Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association.) 

Q: What is Graze Greenfield?

A: Graze Greenfield allows diners to enjoy the benefits of value-priced menus at participating restaurants.

Q: When will Graze Greenfield take place?

A: Our initial event will take place over two long weekends | September 16-19 & September 23-26, 2021. Our hope is to extend the timeframe in the future, but don’t want to burden you or your team this first year.

Q: How does a diner participate in Graze Greenfield?

A: Hosted on our GMSI website, they will simply review the list of participating restaurants and menus, determine where they want to dine, make reservations if necessary and enjoy a value-priced meal. Restaurants will list if they have lunch, dinner or both options to choose from. If it makes sense for eatery, you may also offer a special carry out special. No coupons or passes are needed to participate.

Q: How do I, as a restaurant/eatery, participate in Graze Greenfield?

A: To encourage residents and visitors to shop, eat and play local, we are asking for all participating restaurants to be independent and locally owned. We are NOT accepting participation from chain restaurants. Graze Greenfield is an event organized by Greenfield Main Street. Please complete our online registration by August 1. Remember it is no charge to you, the restaurant/eatery.

If you would like additional information about Graze Greenfield or Greenfield Main Street, please contact us at